Bentonite Mat / Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL)

Synonyms: Bentonite Clay Layer, Bentonite GCL, Bentonite Blanket



Our Bentonite mats (GCL) are efficient waterproofing and isolation materials, providing impermeability to protect soils, subgrades and structures in many civil, geotechnical and environmental protection applications, such as:


ид Tunnel linings, Landfill linings, Pond linings

ид Foundation and basement walls, bridge abutments and other wall structures

ид Oil drilling, mining, etc..


Bentonite mats also offer a more cost-effective, less installation intensive alternative to conventional clay barriers.


Product Models

Our Bentonite mats, also named geosynthetic clay liner (GCL),  are reinforced geocomposites which consist of a layer of sodium bentonite granule affixed by needle-punching to a woven geotextile and

a nonwoven geotextile. 


The products are used as a liquid and gas barrier in a wide variety of civil, geotechnical, environmental and hydraulic applications. 

Quality  Assurance


Our factory has been qualified by the stringent standards of ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Our Bentonite mats have very low hydraulic conductivity, high swelling capacity and quick expansion speed.

Bentonite is an extremely absorbent and swelling clay formed from volcanic ash. Our Bentonite mats offer many unique advantages over conventional compacted clay liners. For example, our bentonite mats have the ability to self-heal holes and rips due to the swelling properties of the bentonite.


Technical Data/ Specifications

Bentonite GCL/ Bentonite Mat

Product Series


Mass per Unit Area

Size (W x L)

Bentonite mats  ST

Standard Bentonite Mat. Needle-punched

5,000 - 5,380 g/m² ; (1.02 - 1.024 lbs/ft²)

5.8 m x 40 m; 2.0 m x 46 m; 2.0 m x 32.2m

W:6.59 to 19.02 ft

L:105.64 to 150.91 ft.

Bentonite mats  PE

Needle-punched and HDPE laminated.

Bentonite mats  STN

Needle-punched. Natural sodium Bentonite

Bentonite mats  PEN

Needle-punched and HDPE laminated. Natural sodium Bentonite ingredient.



Typical Value

GCL mass per unit area

5000 g/m² Min.

5000 g/m² (1.024lbs/ft²)

Thickness of GCL

5-7  mm

6 mm (0.24 in)

PP Cover Layer (non-woven geotextile)

220 g/m² Min.

220 g/m² (0.05lb/ft²)

Mass per Unit area

PP Carrier Layer (woven geotextile)

110 g/m² Min.

110 g/m² (0.023 lb./ft²)

Mass per Unit area

Bentonite Swell index

24 ml/2g Min.

24 ml/2g

Methylene blue absorption

30 g/100g Min.

32 g/100g

Fluid loss

18 ml Max.

18 ml

Tensile strength

60 N/10cm Min.

120 N/10cm (68.5lbs/in)

Break Elongation

10% Min.


Peel strength

4 N/10cm Min.

7.2 N/10cm (4.11lbs/in)


5X10-11 m/s

5X10-11 m/s

Static hydraulic pressure  resistance (0.4Mpa, 1h)

No leakage

No leakage