1. Oil & Gas Drilling Bentonite


Coalescentrum supplies super quality oil and gas drilling grade bentonites: API grade bentonite, OCMA grade bentonite and enhanced oil and gas drilling bentonite. Tech data & more ..


2. Horizontal Direction Drilling (Civil & Construction) Bentonite


Coalescentrum supplies bentonite products for construction of pipelines and communication cables. Our products are suitable for a variety of non-excavation projects. Tech data & more



3. Compound Waterproof Mat Bentonite


Our sodium-based Compound Waterproof Mat Bentonites have very high water-absorbent swelling capacity and excellent filtration loss properties along with quick expansion speed, anti-aging and anti-corrosion characteristics. They are ideal for all water proofing uses and environmental protection utilizations such as waste water treatment and landfilling. They can be used for producing waterproof blanket, waterproof board and other waterproof products. Tech data & more..


4. Foundry Bentonite


Bentonite serves as a good bonding material in the molding process of the metal casting . Our Foundry Grade Bentonite increases the durability of the mold during the high temperatures.  We have Sodium bontonite-based and calcium bentonite-based  products. Tech data & more..



5. Metallurgical Pellet Binder Bentonite


Coalescentrum supplies sodium- and calcium-base bentonite pellets specifically designed for agglomeration of iron ore pellets . As a special binding agent in the metallurgical process, our bentonite pellets can increase baking area, endure high temperature and significantly improve the strength of iron ore pellets. Tech data & more


6. Coating Bentonite


Coalescentrum provides specific bentonites as coating agent (or filler) for manufacturing chemical, medicine, pesticide, fertilizer, fodder, cosmetic, etc. Tech data & more details...


7. Montmorillonite Powder


Coalescentrum supplies high-purity montmorillonite. Our factory owns and operates a sodium bentonite mine. Applying the state-of-art technology, we manufacture and supply a variety of montmorillonite powder, ranging from industrial grade, pharmaceutical grade to fodder grade. Tech data & more details


8. Salt-resistant Bentonite

Coalescentrum provides specific bentonites that have high tolerance to salt water.  Our salt-resistant bentonites are  formulated for making saltwater based drilling fluid.

Tech data & more details



As part of our best service, we provide personalized package design, bags, labels and everything you need to present the unique attributes of your product to your customers.

Coalescentrum supplies high performance bentonite products. Our bentonites have excellent suspension, viscosity, thixotropy and filtrate control properties.


They are broadly used in drilling, geotechnical engineering (civil and construction), foundry, metallurgy, coating and environmental protection. They are also suitable for cement, adhesives, ceramics, fertilizer and many other industrial specialty applications.


Especially, we supply unique formulated bentonites for drilling in salt water.

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